Cypriot company law (Syprus companies Law). The law is the basis of the Cyprus corporate law.

requirements for company registration in Cyprus:

  • No requirements to minimum capital. Which is an advantage of this jurisdiction.
  • shareholder can be an individual or a corporate. This makes it possible to provide, wishing to register a company in Cyprus provide nominee directors shareholders of the company as trustees of the client. For citizens of countries with exchange controls this feature is the only way to open the company offshore and manage legally.
  • In accordance with Art. 170 KZoK (Cyprus Companies Act) for the purposes of company management (implementation of certification of documents representative function in the state. Bodies) Founder (s) must (ies) to appoint at least one director. Director can be both physical and legal persons.
  • Law is not fixed requirements for nationality of directors. Thus, the director of the company may be a citizen of any country, but if your plans include enterprise development, to make the company resident in Cyprus, it must be remembered that this is possible only in cases where a director is a citizen of that jurisdiction.
  • Despite the fact that in law there is no requirement on the nationality of the Secretary, we suggest, for practical purposes, appoint a secretary - a resident of Cyprus. Secretary may be a natural or a legal person. Our firm offers services company secretary.
  • In accordance with Art. 102 KZoK (Cyprus Companies Act), to guide the company letters Cypriot government agencies, storage and printing of corporate documents, it must have an office in a jurisdiction in which it was registered.
  • registration process provides that a registered company must be placed on the tax records for the place of registration.
  • All
  • Cyprus legislation provided tax statements must be filed with the relevant authorities within 18 months from the date of registration . For the company, which filed its first tax returns, subject to the general filing reports (once a year).

The registration of Cyprus:

  • Primarily applied for registration of the company name as shown below.

company name must include the word "Limited" unabridged.

  • next step, the state registration must submit the following documents:
    • Form "HE1"
    • Form "HE 2"
    • Form "HE 3"
    • two original Memorandum and Articles of the Greek language and two in English.

Form "HE 1" - provides for the registration of a Cyprus company, her lawyer assures signature, registered in Cyprus .

Form "HE 2" - contains information about the company's registered office. Assures signed a new director or secretary of the company.

Form "HE 3" - contains information about the directors and secretary of the company, the signature certifies new director or secretary of a Cypriot company.

Memorandum company includes information about the objectives and powers of

company. In accordance with Art. 4 KZoK (Cyprus Companies Act), the founding document of each company should set the name and purpose of the company, the amount of its liability and the size of initial capital.

Charter companies are fundamental document of the company. In accordance with Art. 8 KZoK (Cyprus Companies Act), the Charter is a norm, according to which the company operates as a legal entity. Charter must be certified by the signature of the same individuals as the Memorandum.

documents confirming registration of the company:

  • "certificate of registration" - confirms that the company is a legal entity incorporated under the laws of, and shall be signed by the Registrar, is conclusive proof that the company is registered in accordance with applicable law.
  • "Certificate of directors and secretary" - contains a list of persons who are directors and company secretary.
  • "Certificate of registered office" - contains information about the company's registered office and shall be signed by the Registrar.
  • "Certificate of shareholders" - contains information about the company's shareholders and the shares that they own. A foreign company may be registered as a shareholder in Cyprus.

Other evidence:

  • "share certificate" - a document confirming the name of the registered owner of the company. Cyprus allowed to issue only registered shares, bearer shares are prohibited. Stock certificate also contains information about the number of shares held by each shareholder.
  • "Declaration of Trust"

If the owner does not wish to shares to be registered as a shareholder, he may appoint a nominee of its shares. In this case, you must design a trust declaration. Trust in such cases act as an interface between the nominee shareholder (shareholder whose name appears on the certificate of shares) and the owner of the shares. Declaration of Trust is useful in situations where shareholders are not willing to act as registered shareholders.

  • "Minutes of the first meeting of the directors" - is a protocol meeting of the directors, that is the official record of the first meeting of the directors, dated after the number for Cyprus company registration .

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