Мальтийская криптодолинаIn 2018, the state bodies of Malta took a course to digitize the economy and settle the legal status of the country's cryptocurrency. As a result, a package of normative acts  which regulate the issues of ICO, the organization of cryptoexchanges and funds in the state was adopted.

Naturally, the adoption of these laws has caused a sharp increase in the popularity of Malta as a jurisdiction for the cryptocurrency business and ICO as a whole. However, a reasonable question arises. Are the working conditions for crypto-enthusiasts loyal to them to the extent that is it practicably to redeploy their project to Malta in order to minimize legal risks and increase the attractiveness of investors? Particularly, in our webinar we will try to provide answers to such important and interesting questions for the cryptocommunity.

The following points will be regarded:

1. General characteristics of legislative crypto novels of Malta;
2. Conducting ICO in this country;
3. Registration of crypto-exchange exchanges in Malta;
4. Registration of crypto-funds.

Who may have interest?

Absolutely everyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency, as well as entrepreneurs, startuppers, lawyers.

When do we start?

On September 28, 2018, at 11:30 AM Moscow time, we invite you aboard our crypto-legal boat.

And what is the cost?

Participation is absolutely free. You only need to register and be an active participant in the discussion.

Where to watch?

On our official Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LawstrustInternational/live

How to register?

Go to the webinar page on TimePad - https://lawandtrust.timepad.ru/event/810766/