Lawyers of the company Law&Trust International at the Ukrainian Business Forum 2017

The team of Law&Trust International attended one of the main events of the year in the field of corporate business management and means of coordination of movement of capital or capital management.

During the conference we familiarized ourselves with innovative cases in the field of international tax planning, business immigration and company management under conditions of deoffshorization.

CEOs, partners and senior managers of the largest companies shared practical experience in investing and developing business in offshore world centers.

We listened to the lectures of the top lawyers of Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus and Switzerland about new opportunities and prospects for foreign investors in the international market.

In course of the forum, the best jurisdictions for business were determined and the opportunities for tax migration of Ukrainian beneficial owners in 2017 were described.

Within the framework of the conference regulations and rules of procedure, speeches on relevant corporate issueswere heard and attended, namely:


  • differences in the interpretation of CRS norms by countries and banks, and the associated risks of clients;
  • how to pass the "minefield" in international tax planning;
  • potential opportunities of Ukrainian business in Malta;
  • trends and risks of transfer pricing in Ukraine;
  • disclosure of data on beneficial owners of Ukrainian companies;
  • restrictions on the cross-border movement of capital and much more.


Having been enlightened with the latest knowledge and corporate "know-how" from the leaders of the international business arena, we will help our clients to elicit the potential of their business to the maximum!