GmbH is similar to LLC in Russia.

It is possible to register a company in Germany upon request in other legal form.

You need to visit Germany just once for one day, the rest of the registration process will be accomplished by us using the Power of Attorney.

Benefits of Germany companies:

  • having a company in Germany makes it possible to apply for a residence permit in Germany;
  • Public authorities of Germany do not verify whether the actual activity is held in Germany or the physical presence of the comany's founders  in the jurisdiction if there is no tax issues;
  • the taxes on the activity that is performed in Germany are paid in Germany and are not disclosed to Russian authorities. Double Taxation Treaty with Russia and CIS countries allows to pay taxes on Germany territory only;
  • Your personal presence is required once for 4 hours;
  • registered address is in Germany.


List of our services:


Before the company formation:

  • Collection and analysis of documents: you need a copy of the passport of the founders and directors, address and marital status;

  • Preparing a Power of Attorney in case one of the shareholders will not be present during signing at a Notary Public;

  • Verification of the company name and activity with the Chamber of Commerce in Germany;

  • Drafting of the following corporate documentation and translation to Russian: memorandum of association, articles of incorporation, distribution of shares between hareholders, appointment of directors, application form to the Chamber of Commerce, limitation of liability of shareholders;

  • Consulting on the registration procedure and the company's further use;

  • Consulting with a tax lawyer;

  • Consulting on the ability to obtain a residence permit in Germany;


Register at a Notary Public:

  • Signing the registration documents at the notary in the presence of a lawyer and interpreter;

  • Obtaining of a registered address at the Trade Register;

At this point GmbH has established and effectual as GmbH iG.


Opening a bank account for legal entity:

  • The support of a bank account opening procedure for a legal entity;

Strong communications with multiple banks allow us  to open bank accounts without any delay and for a Russia or CIS resident as well. We will also help you to prepare all the necessary bank forms correctly.

  • The support of a bank account opening procedure for an individual;

Assistance in obtaining access to internet banking. Assistance in issuing credit and/or debit cards.

  • Introduction of authorized capital at the amount of 25,000 EUR.

You may use the authorized capital to cover the company's expenses after the company is registered. Upon request, our lawyers may draft a Loan Agreement for you in order to transfer  the funds to Germany from other countries and for tax optimization.


Register in the municipality and the tax authorities:

  • Providing a confirmation on introduction on authorized capital to the Trade Registry;

  • Preliminary registration of legal entity in the Trade Registry;

  • Registration of legal entities in the Trade Register (3 weeks after the introduction of an authorized capital)

  • Sending an inquiry on obtaining the ID number in the Trade Register. At this stage, the company is  legally capable to act and is in fact a limited liability company;


After the company is registered:

  • Final steps of registration in the municipality through the Power  of Attorney;

  • Tax registration with a certified lawyer;

  • Assistance in preparing the application form for the Tax Office;

  • Apply on obtaining the tax identification number to the Tax Office (3-5 weeks)

  • Apply on the tax identification number for transactions with foreign companies to the Tax Office;

  • Applying registered address to the Tax Office. If you provide the correct and full information and documentation and there is no delay with introduction of the authorized capital, we may guarantee company formation in the specified timeframe.



1. The cost of the entire package of services for company registration (GMBH) in Germany will be 3450 dollars.

State expenses in Germany: notary fee is 600 euros; municipal expenses in Germany - 200 euro.

2. Monthly maintenance of:

  • bookkeeping: from 60 to 600 euros per month, depending on the number of transactions and turnover. Account exposes you to a tax lawyer and he takes full legal responsibility for the delivery of tax returns;
  • legal address: 60 to 200 euros per month;
  • administrative work: reception, scanning and mail correspondence, Russian translations, communication with the bank from 20 to 350 euros per month, depending on the scope of work.

3. Filing and annual balance sheet may vary from 1,200 to 5,000 EUR annually and the fee depends on the turnover of the company. You are invoiced by a certified tax attorney and he holds full legal responsibility for filing annual balance sheet.

You are invoiced by a certified tax attorney and he holds full legal responsibility for filing tax return.