«Show ICO» has organized and held a Meet-Up, where the best experts in the field of ICO gathered and presented their projects.

Show ICO can assist ICO projects in searching for investors and in diversifying investment risks through financing of projects that are in PipeLine for the latter. Investors can access them only by making a decision on contributing investments in a project or inviting its creators to an interview.

Primary goal of Meet-Ups and Launches is to brief the participants on new trends in the market, to hold master classes for them and to help them find friends and like-minded people from the crypto-world.

Ekaterina Malyarova, Candidate of juridical sciences, lawyer, representative of Law&Trust International, was a judge at the meeting that took place on February 15, 2013.

Each project was evaluated according to main criteria (project, team, scope of activity, attractiveness for investment) and for compliance with KYC/AML policies. Ekaterina also acted as a speaker, while making speech about legitimate methods and means of holding an ICO.

With regard to the submitted projects, lawyer of Law&Trust notes that many of these start-ups can be carried out and implemented without blockchain technology. Ekaterina also added that it was interesting to listen to the approaches of the speakers with regard to implementation of their projects, despite the fact that they require further development and correction.

All projects from "Show ICO" are included in the PipeLine list and form a rating based on the WIIF estimates (Weighted Index of Investment Risk). Comprehensive examination of a project is carried out at each meeting in order to verify feasibility and coherence of a start-up in relation to Initial Coin Offering (different juries are involved in order to obtain the most objective result). Thus, the Index of Investment Attractiveness of the projects increases.