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Increasing number of citizens from the CIS countries become residents of the United Arab Emirates every year, contributing to the development of the economy of this region, which thrives more than ever to date.

The number of Ukrainians, Russians and other citizens of the CIS countries as foreigners in the UAE is constantly increasing, thus, they come to this jurisdiction and become residents.

Obtaining residence permit in the UAE with Law&Trust International

Our lawyers are ready to help you with obtaining residence permit in the United Arab Emirates. You can save not only your time, but also money by using our services.

How can a citizen of the CIS become a resident of the Emirates? Two simple ways are indicted below.

If the client of our company is interested in obtaining high return on investment in the UAE, it is necessary to purchase real estate.

To date, the real estate market in the UAE is one of the most rapidly developing/fastest growing spheres allowing real estate owners to receive  high profit. When investing in real estate the amount of more than one million dirhams, the investor is entitled to obtain residence permit valid for two years. It is necessary to be renewed every two years.

The process of obtaining the status of a resident requires four weeks on average for processing of documents and visiting of Dubai two times (during the foregoing four weeks) by the person concerned.

After the above indicated period, the applicant obtains his passport with the stamp of residence permit and ID-card of the resident of the UAE. Having obtained the residence permit, the person concerned is not required to reside in the territory of the Emirates, but he will need to spend one day in the UAE during every one hundred and eighty days from the date of the last entry.

According to the second method, it is necessary to establish enterprise by the client, that is a resident of any free economic zone; the company will need to have a 100% share of foreign capital. Such company can be used as an instrument for obtaining the residence permit. The very process of obtaining residence permit in the above case is identical to the first option, except for the period of issue of the residence permit. In this case, it is issued for three years, after which it can be prolonged.

The advantage of the second option for obtaining residence permit is the possibility of obtaining the status of a tax resident within six months after obtaining the residence permit, which in turn will allow to apply the agreements on avoidance of double taxation between the UAE and other countries.

In order to clarify more information about obtaining residence permit in the UAE for the CIS citizens, please, contact our specialists. Consultations are possible through chat, during personal conversation in the offices of companies or by phone.