Что делать в случае риска прекращения действия вашего товарного знака

Risk of termination of operation of your trademark

You can come up against a situation where your trademark will be subject to cancellation, despite its compliance with all requirements/conditions of registration and protectability.

The reason for early termination of your trademark may be conflict situation, for example, when the court considers claim regarding protection of exclusive right to the trademark.

The foregoing action can be considered as counter-measure, when you assert the claim to prohibit illegal use of the trademark.

The validity of your trademark may be terminated prior to maturity if:

  • You do not use your trademark.
  • You transformed your trademark into the designation that has entered into common use.
  • If the rightholder was liquidated.

Rospatent or the Court for Intellectual Property Rights (depending on the type of trademark) are engaged in consideration and adoption of decision concerning early termination of operation of your trademark.

If you got into in similar situation, please contact our specialists who will do everything possible to ensure that the foregoing situation does not lead to termination of validity of the trademark for you.