Merchant account (merchant account) - one of the most convenient ways of the Internet payments. Merchant referred to a special account that allows you to accept payments with credit cards (MasterCard, VISA and American Express) via the Internet. It is linked to the bank account of the company, and where the proceeds received.

Merchant account allows you to accept payments customers credit or debit cards for the purchase, you have products or services. Merchant account involves a contractual relationship between your company, bank and credit card processing center, according to which, coming from the sales of assets, paid with credit cards your customers are credited to your bank account.



    Benefits of using a merchant-account:

    • possibility of instantaneous clock and pay for the goods, which increases the efficiency of the company;

    • holding about a thousand transactions per minute;

    • high level of confidentiality of transactions;

    • possibility of withdrawal from the blow the most risky projects, thanks to the organization of non-native acquiring;

    • no exchange controls;

    • a possibility of substantial tax optimization.


    Merchant Account can be opened only by a legal person, such as your foreign company.

    to open a merchant-account the client must be given advance information:

    • type and the most detailed description of the goods / services that you sell / provide. Note that much more difficult to open a merchant account, in the case of certain types of products and services which are regarded as high-risk activities such as erotic websites selling drugs, alcohol and tobacco, gambling online, travel agencies and travel agencies, etc.

      Also note that a knowingly false representation of the nature of the product or service you are selling, when applying for a merchant-account opening may lead to termination of your merchant-account.

      Your activities must comply with the laws of the country in which your company, as well as countries where the company operates.

    • set of documents on your company: registration certificate, charter, license to carry out activities, memorandum, etc.

    • credit files of your company.

    • planned sales.

    • Approximate size of a single sale.

    • Corporate bank account.

    • copy of your identity card, passport, etc.

    • Having


    • details about your policy in relation to the return of payments;

    • Recommendations

      industry organizations or banks;


    Below is a list of products / services , which our company can help in opening a merchant-account:

    • Consulting

    • Appliances

    • Telemarketing

    • Adult erotic

    • Events / Seminars

    • catalog merchants

    • telecommunication equipment

    • Services subscription

    • Internet shops

    • Shops

      computer equipment

    • stores software

    • Shops

      female accessories

    • Shops cameras and camera

    • Shops

    • cosmetics shops

    • Auctions

    • Advertising, online advertising

    • Casual

    • Daily sales

    • Dating

    • Retail ordering goods by mail and phone

    • Voice over Internet Protocol IP (SIP)

    • Entertainment services (not related to gambling services)

    • casino, poker, slot machines

    • Tobacco

    • financial corporations

    • Network sales

    • Spirits

    • Gambling

    • Stamps and coins

    • Astrology

    • Electronic Cigarettes

    • Services restructure loans

    • Mobile payments

    • Travel Services

    • Forex brokerage

    • Computer user support

    • Internet shops

    • Computer Games, Arcade

    • Computers

    • Web hosting and domains for sale

    • Web Design

    • Drugs Pharmaceuticals

    • Binary Options

    • herbal products

    • financial corporations

    • Credits "to pay»

    • electrical parts and equipment

    • Precious stones, metals

    • file sharing, file sharing services

    • Jewelry, watches


    And other areas of business


    Our company has extensive experience in this field, as well as their own merchant account. Experts of our company according to your wishes quickly and efficiently carry out all stages of opening a merchant account, offering you the most favorable business schemes.