Morocco joined the Inclusive Framework BEPS program

Today, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) announced that Morocco had joined the BEPS Inclusive Framework Program. This framework is a coalition of 129 countries that are involved in global and regional taxation.

This program will help Morocco to actively initiate changes in the tax system for both ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs, and for foreign investors.

Also, the work of the African state within the Inclusive Framework will facilitate the search for consensus on revising international tax rules for more appropriate taxation of digital firms.

It is worth recalling that the members of the Inclusive Framework are working on the implementation of the 2015 agreements reached between the OECD countries and the G20, which involves the implementation of a plan to counter the erosion of the tax base and the movement of profits (BEPS).

These agreements are intended to reduce the redistribution of profits by multinational groups and to improve cross-border tax dispute resolution.