EORI is a unique identification number assigned to foreign entrepreneurs engaged in foreign trade when they register in the Economic Operator Registration and Identification System.

It is used to identify entrepreneurs and other persons when communicating with customs authorities.

To obtain the EORI number, it is necessary to submit the following information:

  • Name of the Company (trade name if different from the registration one);
  • Address of the company (registration address in the UK);
  • Who is the applicant? Who will verify/confirm the accuracy of the data provided? Usually this is the director. He is required to provide full name and contact details, including phone number or email address;
  • Type of activity of the company (export, import, etc.);
  • If the company has a VAT number in any of the EU countries, then it must be indicated;
  • Complete data on directors or partners (full name, date of birth, nationality);
  • Contact data of the company that deals with the transportation and registration of goods across the border (freight agent) - the company name, full address, contact person and telephone number;
  • Description of goods that are transported across the border, the amount under the contract and the currency;
  • Data of the supplier of goods - name, address, contact information;
  • The name of the port through which the cargo will pass, as well as the route of the first dispatch;
  • How will the goods be transported? (road/auto, air, railway, etc.);
  • Transportation number (airway bill, tracking number, waybill).

Also, if possible, please provide copies of recent invoices for the purchase and sale of goods (1-2). The cost of EORI registration is $ 400 and takes an average of 3-5 working days.

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