Jordan's Income Tax and Sales Tax Office prepares incentives for companies that regularly pay taxes. To obtain the status of a “gold taxpayer", an organization must comply with several conditions. Organizations must pay advance payments in a timely manner, provide audit results with a positive opinion, and conduct internal accounting according to international standards. Also, companies must pay all taxes on time, file declarations, and have no debts. The decision on this status will be made on the basis of a tax audit for two years.

If companies have met all of these conditions, they can contact the tax office in order to obtain the status of a “gold taxpayer”. After a tax audit of compliance, companies are assigned this status.

Companies that are considered “gold taxpayers” receive a number of tax benefits. In particular, they receive an accelerated return on tax deductions (no later than 30 days), will be able to pass a tax audit in an expedited manner, as well as receive a deferment in payment of sales tax.

Law&Trust offers services to clients working in Jordan. We will tell you in more detail how to obtain the status of a “gold taxpayer”, check compliance with the requirements, and help to apply for it.