В США выдали первую gambling лицензию на онлайн-казино

The gambling rights protection unit in the US state of New Jersey granted the Swedish provider Net Entertainment (NetEnt) a license to run a business called Casino Service Industry Enterprise. The decision of the department to issue a license for an unlimited period has puzzled many people.

Although the Swedish provider’s application for the document has been reviewed for more than 3.5 years (since the beginning of 2015), Net Entertainment has already agreed to expand in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania, and is also preparing to continue promoting its services in other states. The provider noted several new contracts in North America and an agreement in Canada. In addition, the provider is preparing to open the first casino studio in the USA in real time.


The US Authorities Are against, But The Players - Only "For"

But the reaction of the authorities was not long in coming - they continue to bear the promotion of online casinos for specific types of licenses. Today, these kinds of entertainment are officially allowed:

  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania.

It is completely banned in

  • Utah
  • Hawaii.

The rest there are not a clear understanding of how to develop this business. Many establishments of this type simply miss away from legislation (for example, under the guise of "ship" casinos or temporary playgrounds).

Despite the fact that card games (especially online poker) do not fall under the ban on gambling as games with a low probability of winning in the US market, the controlling authorities are still trying to make difficult for getting the new licensees. They simply burden the registration period, adding an enormous amount of bureaucratic and paperwork to undergo all the procedures.

That’s why the authoritiescontinue to sing “the same old song”. They say that casinos are a cover for illegal money laundering. However, statistics show something else, which makes online casinos the best choice, and gambling licenses for this type of business are much safer. So let's take any gambling country. In such countries, where there is a high level of hot gamlbers, crime rates are higher than in non-playing ones, by 7.6%, according to ResearchGate investigation. Also, in areas which are bordering with gambling establishments, the number of crimes is 80% more than the national average.

It turns out that crime is really growing. The truth is it concerns live casinos and gambling houses. About online - not a word at all. The data from Las Vegas say that casinos are not going smoothly there, because in 2018 they lost 80% (!) of the expected revenue. That is why the regulators have found it harmful to gambling for local businesses as well, since casinos are dragging their income towards their development.

The New Jersey precedent showed one unpleasant fact: Americans want to play online gambling. According to the 2018 Annual News Gallup poll, more than 70% of players are in favor of online casinos and the ability to play online. Moreover, this is due to high profits, which, according to the laws of the United States, are necessarily taxed - 17% and 35% (depending on the amount: the rate of 17% is applied to winnings up to $ 1 million, and 35% - from $ 1 million). Therefore, regulators will have to admit their stint in this matter, since the live casino market remains more flexible, feels freer in terms of activity due to outdated legislative restrictions that need to be revised.

Get Your Own Online Casino Business, Or Cry A Lot, Dear Las Vegas!

Most likely, this year most of the states in one way or another will meet the gaming community. It will not be our neighbors on the virtual gaming table (if you do not play in American casinos), but within the framework of one provider - completely the truth is.

By the way, recalling the Swedish provider, in the new stock conditions from NetEnt it is forbidden to connect players of only certain states. This is a rather tricky strategy, but the whole trick is that the authorities do not understand the progress of this case, and therefore the auditors are trying to stop the development of platforms with bureaucracy and “papers”. However, it is 100% useless: the number of players is growing in the arithmetic progression.

В США выдали первую игровую лицензию на онлайн-казино

It is important to note that the financial departments of Internet sites are also gradually improving. They reduce the maximum waiting time for payments by 4 or more times, increase the limits of payments to beginners and regular players, develop verification procedures and financial reliability of a client (from a bank or a fund borrower). This helps to eliminate all suspicious customers, avoids the possibility of fraud or collusion in order to win (from the dealer, the casino members or from the players). In the case of an unacceptable customer relationship (threats, accusations, or attempts to resolve the issue by force), the online service will block the account of users and add them to the“ black list of players”.

The online casinos of the platform are well aware - they will face a serious competition from land-based gambling houses and the state lotteries. But still, they have an excellent opportunity to develop, if the state and regulators understand the important truth about the Internet. Now the business of the 21st century goes into the global network, and it is there that one should look for the best opportunities for the development of innovations, taxation, licensing, protection of the rights of consumers, players and entertainment establishments.

So the precedent with the Swedish supplier NetEnt will launch a chain reaction in the development of gambling in the United States of America. It remains now to wait a little time for more interesting news in the nearest future.

And what about you, for example? Do you want to start your business by creating an online casino? If yes, then you will need a license to conduct this type of activity. After receiving it, you can start making money as far as you can.

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