In Cyprus, there are heated discussions about the new law on personal data. The parliament is discussing the possibility of adopting a bill to create open lists of investors who receive a Cypriot passport through investments in the economy of the island nation. They are also considering the possibility of creating a single open register of legal entities that help individuals to obtain citizenship.

The bill has many opponents. In particular, the Commissioner for Personal Data of the Republic of Cyprus, Irini Loisidou-Nicolaidou, believes that such a move by the government will harm many areas, from the financial, to the defense complex. The official is confident that the publication of personal data of persons who only apply for citizenship is the way to nowhere.

In addition, Loisidou-Nicolaidou recalled that Cyprus is obliged to adhere to the recommendations of the EU Regulation regarding personal data. The Commissioner emphasizes that Art. Section 5 of this document provides that all information about citizens, that government departments collect and process, should be limited to what is really needed for specific purposes.

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