On October 29, the Greek parliament passed several bills that should reform the economy. In particular, changes will affect the gaming industry. Greece plans to attract online casino operators, and thus receive additional cash to the budget.

The first advantage operators will get is the ability to use games based on random number generators. It used to be forbidden in Greece. Now companies will be able to add, for example, slot machines in online casinos. The story with random number generators has been going on for a very long time, and the operators even sued the regulatory authorities with a demand to lift the ban on the use of such games.

The license fee will also be reduced. Its amount will be 3 million euros. Concerning taxation, companies will be required to transfer to the Greek budget 35% of gross income. Also, organizations will have to pay a corporate tax of 20%. The government also approved the extension of temporary licenses for Greek operators until March 2020, after which it will have to undergo licensing again.

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