Powerful top of all participants of Eight plan maximum share various information in the field of taxation. In particular, all G8 countries now want to require companies, firms and corporations information about their owners. Moreover, the authorities in these countries plans to change the rules that allow companies to involuntarily withdraw their money to offshore accounts in foreign banks. Now every businessman or owner of a large company must report all of their income.

Declaration speaks to the fact that all companies should not only report to the tax authorities, but also to publish information about it. Simultaneously, the state should also publish data received taxes, which should lead to maximum transparency and profits will benefit each state.

Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is ready to make some changes to their own legislation to provide this information to colleagues, but will do so only on a foundation of reciprocity. Moreover, such an exchange to a certain extent already underway, as reported by A. Zakharov partner Paragon Advice Group. He stressed that Russia is already at the end of last winter, thanks to the work of diplomats invited offshoring start sharing information. First received the request insular possessions of large countries - Gibraltar, Cayman and Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands. It is expected that soon everything will be solved and the exchange of information will be a great step in the development of each country.

worth noting that a large number of offshore zones located within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and, as Putin said, the power of the country is ready to share information. One of the famous Russian lawyers, D. Gololobov stressed that the quality control of offshore zones very soon negate the existence of safe havens to shelter capital from tax. According to him, started a real war, a new branch history in dealing with offshore banks. He believes that Russia has an excellent chance to declassify accounts of prominent businessmen and politicians, which in turn will get their treasury. For example, the U.S. has been working on the tax and citizens have learned to live, actually observing the laws. Now you can see the process of running around businessmen and politicians who are trying to predict the date of the collapse of the capital and begin to worry about his fate, trying to find loopholes to save.

All companies in the world have always enjoyed offshore zones and have saved billions in profits from the States in which the work. Even famous company Apple savings thus leaving the U.S. lost more than $ 2.5 billion.

Most companies use their international operations in order to use a standard scheme that financiers called a double whiskey and Irish stout Dutch sandwich. The scheme is quite simple - you want to display arrived in Ireland, the Netherlands, or to the Caribbean. Few people know that only a united Ireland more than a third of all profits from Apple. Here you can trace and profits Google, Microsoft and known, even famous Hewlett-Packard. And then someone wonders why Ireland was the first country emerged from the global crisis ...