After the network of fitness studios NanoFitness offered bitcoin as a means of payment, it was subject to inspections by Russian prosecutors

Российская сеть фитнес - клубов была проверена прокуратурой из-за биткоина

At the beginning of January, 2017, NanoFitness network made it possible to pay for its services with bitcoins and although no client ever took advantage of the newly introduced option, this network of fitness clubs started receiving letters seething with resentment and rageful comments.

Some time after the addition of the opportunity to settle with bitcoin, raids were conducted to the studios in Tyumen and St. Petersburg, and the employees of the prosecutors' office repeatedly summoned the managers of these studios for questioning.

At the same time, during the conversations, the managers were warned against violation of Article 27 of the Law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and, referring to this article, attention was drawn to the fact that the ruble is the official currency, and the issue of cash equivalents is illegal.

Later, the management of NanoFitness concluded that it was too early to enter the Russian market with its offer.