ФБР «против» конфиденциальности бенефициаров и «за» введение открытых реестров

The US Federal Bureau of Investigations believes that the country's leadership should pay attention to non-transparent registries of ultimate beneficiaries, as well as review the privacy policy regarding shell companies. It was stated by Deputy Director of the FBI Criminal Investigation Department Steven D'Antuono during a hearing in the US Congress on the Banking and Financial Affairs Committee.

A spokesman for the agency said that investigating cases involving illegal financial transactions and the assets of persons who conceal their names; the FBI found probable violations of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Steven D'Antuono stressed that more than 2 trillion US dollars are in the shadow of global traffic of illegal operations "due to their constant use in non-transparent transactions, financial operations, offshore assets, as well as in insurance frauds, money laundering and unlawful enclosures".

"Our department believes that if there is a possibility of the absence of a policy of strict confidentiality about the final beneficiaries in some states, as well as the introduction of a public register of owners, the FBI would be more active in solving cases of illegal financial activity," the spokesman said.

At the same time, Steven D'Antuono noted that the United States must draw conclusions from the Panama scandal, when in 2015 it turned out that more than 180 billion US dollars were outside the jurisdiction of the country, and as a result, this caused the state to receive fewer taxes than 50 (!) billion US dollars.

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