Дубай мировая столица капитала

Dubai has the fourth rating position in the list of cities with the largest number of rich people. The city is attractive for wealthy clients from all over the world.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of businessmen with assets of more than $ 30 million, that means holders of an extremely high volume of assets, during the current year.

In 11 years, the number of owners of the assets with high value in the Middle East has increased by forty-eight percent. Nowadays, the aggregate material conditions are estimated at 810 billion US dollars.

Significant quantitative part of such businessmen is in the UAE. Their number has grown by seventy percent for 11 years and the projected increase by 2026 is estimated at another sixty percent.

Among the cities that have the status of high index of welfare, Dubai ranked 16th.

Dubai is attractive for low taxes and simplicity of the procedure for starting business.

Although the number of wealthy people in the state is constantly growing, the demand for luxury in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is still lower than in other countries of the world.

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