The gambling business in Cambodia has faced very serious problems. On August 18, the government banned the issuance of gambling licenses. Thus, from now on, online casinos and other resources for fans to “try their luck” can no longer work on the territory of this state. The ban on licenses is one of the provisions of the Circular on the Suppression of Illegal Gambling, which was signed by Cambodian Prime Minister Hong Sen.

Why did they start to ban casinos?

Cambodia used to be one of the most attractive countries for the development of online gambling in Southeast Asia. However, the state’s popularity for opening new casinos created a serious problem - the appearance of illegal portals. The scale became really threatening, so the government decided to take radical measures.

A particularly difficult situation has developed in the Cambodian province of Sihanoukville. Most of the illegal gambling operators are located here. In total, Cambodian law enforcement officers were able to identify about 150 owners of online casinos who worked without permits and did not pay taxes to the state treasury.

What will happen to online casinos in Cambodia?

Following the provisions of the Circular, online gambling-related resources will be able to continue their activities in the country with a current license. However, after its expiration, the portal should be closed or re-registered in another jurisdiction. The extension of gambling licenses in Cambodia from August 18, 2019, is no longer carried out. In total, 160 legal sites that have all the necessary permissions operate on the territory of the Khmer Country. When their licenses expire, they will be forced to leave the state.

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