We used to hear - “anything but Cyprus!”, when some one talking about doing business in European Country. Some people have prepossessions concerning that Jurisdiction. Certainly, there is no smoke without fire, and such distrust can be explained by various historical issues, but today’s Cyprus is totally differs from past Cyprus - in the beginning of and during the Crisis. Path of Recovery after 2013  was very hard, nevertheless, that Country was able to handle it and now Cyprus are sowing sustainable economic growth.

Cyprus is such Jurisdiction, which doesn’t need any advertising, because advantages are pretty obvious. Such advantages are EU membership, participation in Euro-zone, lowest tax rate, possibility to register VAT, to use Double Taxation Treaty etc.

Finally in Cyprus you can save your money. We are talking not only about registration and administration of the Company, but also about opening and operating of the Bank account.

Contact us, and we will help you with registration of your own Business in Cyprus!

Main advantages of doing Business with Law&Trust International:

We know about all issues and peculiarities that you may find during establishing of Business and we can help to solve them.

We are practicing in IT sphere and can find necessary solution specially for your unique situation.

We can help you at any time.

We are ready to develop and service any structure, that suits exactly for your Business, no matter new or already settled Business.