The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Great Britain intends to ban the use of credit cards for games in online casinos. This was stated by Leyla Moran, head of the committee on digital technology. In her opinion, gambling has a negative impact on the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, so these restrictions are a necessity.

In her speech, Moran criticized the ruling Conservative Party, which does not take any action on restrictions. In particular, back in 2018, the possibility of introducing a bet limit on betting terminals (FOBT) was discussed. According to Moran, the ruling party repeatedly postponed the implementation of this rule and managed to solve this problem only at the beginning of 2019.

The Liberal Democratic Party also proposes other measures to limit gambling. In particular, if the LDP wins the election, advertising of online casinos on the Internet may be limited, as well as a new tax for gambling companies. Leila Moran said that the funds that could be raised through the new tax will be sent to non-profit organizations involved in research and treatment of the population.

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