Dear investors of the International Investment Association “EVROLIFE”!

Earlier today we have obtained information that so called Association “EVROLIFE” has arranged a special purpose fund to raise money for financing the litigation proceedings. For an unknown reason and without our knowledge or consent our company, “Law & Trust International”, has been chosen as the legal company that is indicated as a representative of the trial participants.

In the view of the aforesaid, we bring to your knowledge with the utmost responsibility and consciousness, that our company, including all representative offices, has no relation to the mentioned Association.   

Moreover, our company hasn’t signed any agreements with the Association, even the preliminary ones, did not carry substantive discussion of this process and did not give any consent to conduct these measures.

Therefore, we are sincerely outraged by the fact that our company’s name  and the link to our website is indicated in the letter of “EVROLIFE” and the draft of agreement between the investors and the fund. We are planning to take all necessarily required measures in the nearest future so the name of our company is not used during conducting questionable activities of third parties, as we cherish and value our reputation and do our best to maintain it.

For any questions concerning the stated fact, please contact our experts.