Opening a bank account in Croatia

Which Croatian bank to select in order to open account for non-resident in Croatia?

The system of Croatian banks of international standing offers attractive conditions for investments and opening foreign account. Lawyers of Law&Trust will help with registration of the company and selection of the reliable bank, as well as opening bank account in Croatia for non-residents. They will prompt the information regarding opening of the account with the bank in Croatia, and will consult on the choice of the bank's programme and proposals.

We recommend to select such reliable banks, such as Unicredit, Raiffeisen. Personal and corporate accounts are available for investments, settlements, and savings of finances for non-residents.

The programme product of the bank includes:

- Private banking;
- Deposits with fixed period;
- Sms-banking;
- International transfers;
- Crediting of legal entities and small business;
- Safe-deposits;
- Brokerage services on a worldwide scale.

Procedure for opening bank account in Croatia for non-resident

There are the following stages:

1. Compilation of the application for account opening in the bank in Croatia, connecting to the client-bank system;
2. Preparation and submission of documents:
- Certified copy of the internal passport;
- Document confirming the address of residence;
- Reference from the bank confirming availability of the account in the country of doing business;
- OIB (Croatian Taxpayer Identification Number);
- Package of corporate documents.
3. Provision of the signature sample.
4. Conclusion of contract with the bank.
5. Obtaining plastic card attached to the account.

In conclusion, the owner of business is required to transfer the amount of money to the Croatian account as capital (it is up to EUR 2,850 for the LLC), and the client can subsequently use the foregoing amount at his own discretion.

Banking services for processing of payment transactions and remote access are paid simultaneously.

Law&Trust will provide information regarding relevant programmes of banks, and we will also help with selecting the bank and opening bank account in the bank in Croatia.

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