Registration of trademarks in Croatia

Registration of trademark in Europe increases brand popularity and loyalty to it, which leads to increased profits and possibility of expansion to new market. Registration of trademark in Croatia is carried out taking into account all provisions of the legislation of this state. Your trademark will be protected against counterfeiting and copying in the territory of the whole country. Trademark registration is carried out by the specialists of Law&Trust, and our lawyers guarantee the prompt execution of their duties, as well as strict observance of the privacy policy.

Procedure for registering a brand name in Croatia

1. Creating the brand logo. The commissions of all European states require graphic image of trademark. The logo can be a combination of figures, signs, symbols, images and other elements permitted by the regulations. Preliminary verification of compliance with the legislation of Croatia and the uniqueness of the emblem can be carried out by the specialists of our company.

2. Consultation and clarification of the client's needs. Citizens and non-residents of Croatia have three registration procedures to choose from, they are the following:

  • National one that prescribes registration exclusively in the territory of the country;
  • The CTM gives the opportunity to expand business to the entire Europe without additional registrations elsewhere;
  • The international one that includes 97 states around the world for free doing business.

The cost of trademark registration in the Croatia

The data is relevant for today 23.02.2020 - 14:03

Country Comprehensive review Registration service Registration certificate Total
Trademark registration in Croatia
First class, Word mark OR Logo
75.00 EUR
Additional class, Word mark OR Logo
75.00 EUR
First class, Word mark AND Logo:
151.00 EUR
Additional class, Word mark AND Logo
151.00 EUR
First class, Word mark OR Logo
694.00 EUR
Additional class, Word mark OR Logo
42.00 EUR
First class, Word mark AND Logo
No data
Additional class, Word mark AND Logo
No data
First class, Word mark OR Logo
685.00 EUR
Additional class, Word mark OR Logo
75.00 EUR
First class, Word mark AND Logo
No data
Additional class, Word mark AND Logo
No data
First class, Word mark OR Logo1454.00 EUR
Additional class, Word mark OR Logo192.00 EUR
First class, Word mark AND Logo151.00 EUR
Additional class, Word mark AND Logo151.00 EUR


Step 1
Free Consultation *
During the free consultation, our experts will assist you in selecting the most optimal class under the ICGS
Step 2
Preliminary Check
Our lawyers will carry out an expert assessment of the emblem/logo/TM, ensuring it complies with the necessary requirements and the degree of resemblance between your trademark and already registered TM
Step 3
You can agree with us on the most convenient payment method
Step 6
Obtaining a Certificate
On request, the certificate of registration can be delivered to you via courier service
Step 5
The registrar reviews the application and attached documents; the procedure can be done without the client necessarily being present
Step 4
Submission of Documents
After completing a power of attorney, our specialists collect and prepare the necessary documents (including statement of use) and submit the application for trademark registration

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registered TM and patents

After selecting the system, the client provides our lawyers with a copy of the passport, application and power of attorney.

1. Collection of documentation. The list of the package depends on the type of registration procedure, the category of the client (legal or natural person), the activities of the applicant, his financial condition and other factors. The lawyer compiles the list of documents according to the regulations, interacts with representatives of tax authorities, state and other bodies to obtain all necessary forms and statements.
2. Preparation of the package of documents. This stage includes translation, verification of the accuracy of the compilation, certification and sending. The amount of preparation time directly depends on the number of documents in the list.

Consideration of the documentation, reconciliation of the new brand's logo with the already existing models are carried out within one year after submitting the package to the representatives of the Croatian expert commission. The trademark may be challenged by other persons within three months after the release of the trademark. In the absence of objections, the trademark passes into the full possession of the applicant.

The validity period of registered trademark in Croatia does not depend on the selected registration procedure and is equal to 10 years. If the trademark is not used by the owner, its legal effect may be limited or canceled. After the expiry of the period, the renewal of the trademark is required, and the above issue can also be dealt with by the lawyers of Law & Trust.

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