Opening account in bank of Denmark

Law&Trust International provides assistance in registering companies, opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses, etc. Selection of services of the banks in Denmark by our clients has compelling reasons:

  • Financial institutions of this country pay a high level of interest on all deposits;
  • Reliability is combined with confidentiality, so all data of the clients is encrypted and can not be disclosed by the bank's employees;
  • Minimum level of taxes makes it possible to conduct business without rendering a significant part of income to state structures.

Opening bank account in Denmark for non-resident: what are the perspectives?

It is difficult to orientate oneself on the official websites of financial institutions in Denmark because of the language barrier. You can receive consultation on selecting bank from our specialists.

They have not only the information that is indicated on the portals, but also draw conclusions from the experience of cooperation. Below is a comparative description of the two most well-known banks in Denmark for common understanding of the country's financial system by the clients.


Saxo Bank A/S

Nordea Bank Danmark A/S

Initial contribution

10000 EUR

100 EUR or USD and more

Minimum requirements

10000 EUR, the term of contribution is not limited 

Are given depending on the type of account (interest-bearing account or deposit account)

Service rate

150 EUR per year

Approximately 5 euros per month (or equivalent in another currency)

Terms of transaction execution

In real time operation

In real time operation

Method of management

With confirmation of the codeword

With confirmation of the codeword

Terms of allocation

Minimum term of allocation is 1 month

Term of allocation is from 1 month to 3 years with automatic prolongation

Visit the office of bank for opening​​​​​​​

It is not required, it is possible to prepare and send documents by means of our company.

It is not required, documents should be compiled in our office. We are engaged in certification, translation of the necessary pages and sending.

Which bank in Denmark to select for opening account?

The conditions for opening accounts are different everywhere, which makes it difficult for clients to determine the best and the most cost-efficient bank by themselves. Our lawyers are ready to tackle your problem. Inclusion of Law&Trust International in the process reduces the procedure for opening bank account in Denmark only to signing of documents and statements by the client.

Cooperation with us will help you become an account holder in a foreign bank three times faster and without any paperwork for you.

Denmark: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S 590 EUR 1990
Saxo Bank A/S 900 EUR 1992