Opening a bank account in the British Virgin Islands

One of the largest banks in the indicated territory is VP bank Limited. This is long-standing bank with rich history that not only retained its competitiveness up to present day, but continues to develop, which attracts a large number of investors from abroad.

Law&Trust International recommends to open account in this bank in the BVI for legal entities, and also natural persons may be interested in the service. We offer comprehensive support for opening of accounts to be credited or account to be debited with collection and preparation of complete package of documents remotely.

The bank has representative office in Moscow, however we work not only with Russia, but also with Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Professional lawyer will promptly carry out translation and certification of all forms, which will help you to avoid unnecessary wasting of time and finances.

How to open bank account in the British Virgin Islands? Peculiarities of deposits

In order to proceed to the procedure of opening bank account in the BVI, you can leave application on our website or contact specialist by phone. Our partner (VP Bank Limited) offers the following conditions for all investors:

  1. The term for opening depends on the type of account and ranges from 7 to 10 working days, but the client should take into account that the above period does not include the time for sending documents. More correct terms need to be specified by phone.

  2. No recommendations are required from you, but bank representatives can request information about the nature of the origin of your income, that is, you will need to describe the type of your activity.

  3. Minimum deposit and balance on the account should be at least 100 thousand euros, while 30 days are provided for contribution. Commissions for incoming payments are not provided.

  4. There are no restrictions on outgoing transactions, but before transferring, you should consider the amount of fee for conversion into cash.

  5. Access to accounts is possible via telephone, fax, Internet and using other means.

Documents for opening bank account in the British Virgin Islands

For individuals, it is sufficient to produce a copy of the passport, which shall accurately specify all the data and be clearly visible. For companies that tend to open bank account in the BVI, it is necessary to attach an extract from the Single Register, the charter, the names of all directors with samples of their signatures and other forms upon individual request from the bank, in addition to the applicant's identity document.

British Virgin Islands: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
VP Bank (BVI) Limited 550 USD 1995