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05 Nov 2020

Bulgaria Intends to Keep Citizenship-By-Investment Program
The European Commission has officially encouraged the Bulgarian government to close the citizenship-by-investment program, but...
03 Nov 2020

Malta’s Tax Agency Improves Fiscal Unity Principles
The Malta’s Tax Agency has issued a new version of the guidelines regarding the fiscal unity principles. In particular, the...
30 Oct 2020

Греция вводит экзамены для получения гражданства

Greece Introduces Exams for Citizenship
The Greek government has passed the bill, which provides for new requirements for those who wish to obtain citizenship. Now, the...
09 Oct 2020

Netherlands Keeps Corporate Tax Rate at the Same Level
In November 2019, the representatives of the Dutch government adopted a plan to reduce the corporate tax rate for all businesses...
09 Oct 2020

Cayman Islands Made Companies Register Public
The amendments to the Cayman Islands Companies Act entered into force on October 1, 2020. Now, the register of companies in this...
28 Sep 2020

Ecuador Will Charge VAT on Digital Services
The Ecuador's Internal Revenue Service has declared its intention to charge VAT on digital service providers. It is reported that...
21 Sep 2020

Belize Has Introduced Economic Substance Forms
Belize introduces a new requirement for legal entities, which are registered as the International Business Company (IBC). Now,...
21 Sep 2020

Montenegro Introduces New VAT Payment Rules
The Montenegrin authorities have adopted a package of amendments to the Tax Code. In particular, the amendments will change the...
07 Sep 2020

Cambodia Imposes Tax on Capital Gains
The Cambodian government has passed a bill on imposing the tax on capital gains. It will be levied on the resident individuals,...