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The first half of 2020 definitely becomes a real stress test for the owners of each business segment. In the era of a pandemic, the moment of remote opening of a company without a personal visit to the country of registration is important.

Law and Trust International provides comprehensive business support services from the establishment of the company to tax and legal business support. Our experts will help in resolving issues related to the selection of optimal jurisdiction, competent structuring, tax optimization, employment of employees in the company, rental of premises, opening a bank account, obtaining licenses, etc.
Below, we consider which countries provide the opportunity to register a company without a personal visit.


Cyprus is a European jurisdiction that is not offshore. For non-resident business owners, loyal conditions are offered here: no dividend tax, income tax of 12.5%, the possibility of opening a bank account in the same country where the company is registered, as well as the remote establishment of the company. The most popular company type is LTD. Information on this type is available at, also, our specialists can send you an individual commercial offer. To register a company, you will need documents for all members of the company. The registration of the company takes from 5 to 20 days.


Estonia provides foreign business owners with special advantages. Only in Estonia, you can get an electronic residence (e-residency) regardless of the location of the country of your current residence. -

If you have the electronic residence, vast opportunities for business management are opened, including filing reports, managing employees, and obtaining permits. Estonia also offers a zero income tax rate provided that there is no dividend distribution. More detailed information on registering a company in Estonia can be found at It is possible to establish a company remotely if you have the original power of attorney from the company members. The company registration period is about 5 days.


Switzerland is a state located in Central Europe and a global financial center. Business in Switzerland is protected by the stable political and economic system of the state itself, which is neutral in world politics. It is possible to establish a company in Switzerland remotely. The most popular forms of companies are AG and GMBH. To choose the most optimal type of company for your business, we recommend that you contact the specialists of Law & Trust International. To register a company, it will be necessary to provide documents for all company members. The company registration period is about 5 days.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers several types of companies for registration: LLP, LP, LTD Each type has its advantages, which our experts can tell about during a free consultation. Regardless of the company type chosen, the establishment of a business can be completely remote when submitting personal documents of the company members. The company registration period is from 1 to 10 days, depending on the type of company selected.


The easiest and most reliable way to obtain a residence permit in Europe by registering a company is to launch a business in Slovakia. It is this country that offers excellent conditions for business owners with the possibility of further migration Slovakia also offers the opening of a bank account in the country of the company’s registration. The conditions for the establishment of the company can be found at Our specialists can consult on other advantages of the country individually. To establish a company, it is necessary to provide documents for all members of the company and a power of attorney certified at the consulate of the country of residence of the participants. The company registration period is up to 3 weeks.


Poland is one of the few countries that has introduced tax benefits for small businesses. If the company’s turnover does not exceed 1 million 200 thousand euros, the income tax rate will be 9%. This is one of the few European countries with a low income tax rate. There are several company types available for registration in Poland: SA, Sp. Zoo. More detailed information about each type of company can be obtained in the course of an individual consultation with our specialists. It is possible to register a company in Poland remotely, it will be necessary to provide documents for each member of the company and a notarized power of attorney so that our lawyers can represent your interests in Poland. An important advantage is the possibility of opening a bank account in Poland for Polish companies with a non-resident structure. The term for opening a company is about 5 days.


Due to its favorable geographical location, Bulgaria is one of the most attractive countries for establishing a business. The corporate income tax is only 10%. The most popular forms of ownership are OOD and EOOD, which can be found at Company registration is possible without a personal visit, however, the constituent documents of the company will need to be certified at the Consulate of Bulgaria in the country of residence of the members. Opening a company in Bulgaria will take up to 10 days.


Singapore can be called the №1 country for ease of doing business and investing in Asia. For business owners, tax benefits have been granted in Singapore. Companies do not pay tax on global income, only on income earned in Singapore. The simplest and most common form of company registration is PTE.LTD It is possible to establish a business remotely, it is only necessary to provide documents of the company members. Notarized documents are not required. The company registration takes 1 day.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world's financial centers located in Asia. Due to preferential taxation, which is based on the territorial principle, the income of companies that do not operate in Hong Kong is not taxed. Moreover, all companies are required to submit annual reports and conduct an audit, since they are officially registered as tax residents of Hong Kong. It is possible to establish an LTD company remotely without a personal visit. For this, it is necessary to provide documents for the members and sign the originals of the registration forms. The registration of the company takes from 5 to 7 days, depending on the workload of the Register.


The USA offers a unique opportunity to work with global companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon. For them, the partner company from the USA is most acceptable to use all possible services without restrictions. In the USA, it is possible to register the following types of LLC or C - Corporation companies - Each type of company has its own nuances and advantages, therefore, choosing the type of the company and the state for opening a company is an important stage when launching a business in the USA. Our specialists will always be happy to help you with this stage. It is important to note that the United States is the most automated country where a personal presence during the registration of a company, as well as paperwork are perceived as a relic of the past. The terms for the opening of a company depend on the selected state, but on average, it takes from 1 hour to 15 business days.

In this article, we’ve considered the most popular jurisdictions in which it is possible to open a company remotely, without a personal visit. It is also worth noting countries with remote registration, such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, South Africa. Do not forget about classic offshore companies with a simple registration procedure and without the need for personal presence at the time of business registration. For detailed advice, please contact our specialists who will select the best solution for your business.

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