Opening a bank account in Slovenia

What bank of Slovenia is preferable to open bank account for non-residents?

Tax policy of Slovenia is a concise system of interaction with companies, which contributes to creation of favorable conditions for starting and running business. Law&Trust offers comprehensive service in the field of registration of legal entities. The law firm also helps to open bank accounts in Slovenia for non-residents.

We work with Raiffeisen Banka d.d.

Conditions for account opening in the bank in Slovenia are the following:

- Submission of recommendations for servicing bank;
- Provision of detailed description of the company's activities;
- Availability of all corporate documentation and passports of beneficial owners.

It is possible to open bank account in Slovenia remotely.

Non-resident is entitled to open personal and corporate accounts in the bank of Slovenia.

The types of accounts are the following:

- Settlement account;

- Savings account;

- Investment account.

The bank processes payment transactions when offering cost-efficient tariffs for full range of services, namely:

- checkbook;

- business crediting;

- letters of credit;

- remote control over the status of the account.

The banking structure is aimed at providing services to natural persons and legal entities (deposits, transfers of funds, business crediting, currency exchange).

Due to the established cooperation with the bank, we help in selecting the optimal tariffs for the package of services, including in opening of the account in the bank in Slovenia.

Documents for opening bank account in Slovenia for non-residents

When opening bank account in Slovenia by non-residents, Slovenian banks require minimum of documents:

- Tax number to be registered in Slovenia;
- Valid international passport.

Legal persons will be required to open temporary deposit account for contributing deposit amount (not less than 7,500 euros) as the authorized capital of the organization.

Personal account in Slovenian bank can be opened by foreign citizens after the TIN and the EMŠO identification personal number have been issued in the territory of Slovenia.

Tax and financial consultants, lawyers of Law&Trust advise, assist in compilation of documents, registration of tax number and opening bank account in Slovenia.

We provide technical support to the client in the process of using the settlement account.

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