The cost of opening an account: From 450 EUR
The cost of opening an account:
From 450 EUR

General information



Official site
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The Bank is a subsidiary of VTB Group.
There is Russian-speaking staff
Agreement on legal assistance to the Russian Federation was concluded; AML legislation is strictly observed; Active membership in the OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group and others.


Terms of opening for admission (days):
Opening terms for cancellation (days):
Не требуется
Description of activity:
Account type:
Settlement and Savings
Types of accounts:
Personal; Corporate; Savings; Settlement
Departure to the bank:
Visiting the Bank is not required. Meeting of beneficial owner with a representative of the Bank is required
Required documents:
Bank forms, copies of passports, documents of the company (for corporate accounts), description of the business and the source of funds (KYC)
Account opening, probability:
Calculated and perceived
Particularities during account opening:
Opening an account is possible without entry into the country of the bank


Rating on loans:


Balance, minimum:
0 €
Limit of transfers (per month):
No restrictions
An initial fee :
0 €
Annual turnover (minimum):
0 €
Transaction speed:
Accepting payments for execution on the same day (Cyprus time) for dollars - 16.00; for the euro, rubles, pounds - 13.00

Services and costs

Cost of translation:
Fee for outgoing payments is 0.1% (minimum - 43 EUR, maximum - 155 EUR, including SWIFT- 12,5 EUR). Outgoing payments to recipients who have accounts in the bank VTB 24 - 10-15 EUR
Cost of enrollment:
The Bank does not charge fee for crediting
Cost of account maintenance:
Opening and closing the account are free of charge. Account maintenance fee is 40 EUR quarterly (for corporate clients) and 12 EUR per month (for individuals)
Credit card restrictions:
Daily limit on card transactions - 50 000 EUR (set as mandatory provision and can be changed upon request of the client)
Insurance for credit cards:
No information
Access to the account:
Internet banking (free service) using the token (primary issuance of token - free)
Bank services:
Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus) provides a full range of banking services. Brokerage services. Depository services. Individual asset management. Depersonalized metal accounts. Checkbooks and bank checks
Bank cards:
VISA Gold (credit and debit). Annual service - 100 EUR
Cost of extracts storing:
Fee for storage of mail - 80 EUR per quarter. Bank letters of recommendation - 80 EUR