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Legal support for clients of car-sharing companies

Such an interesting phenomenon as car-sharing has already become very popular in the world markets. It is a car loan, where anyone can get a rental car for a particular time, up to per-minute use. Despite the simplicity, the increase in the number of users and the ability to use cars at any convenient time, many customers experience unforeseen circumstances. Whether it is a fine from the police or company, or an accident, or someone has stolen your data and took the car in your name, they will be grounds for disputes and proceedings. In other words, we can say that the tenant has become a victim of car-sharing.

Legal practice shows that cases, when a client brings a case to a car sharing court, are quite common. Often, the claims that are made by both parties are relating to the fulfilment of obligations that are set out in the contract. In such cases, such practice as legal support for car-sharing will be very relevant. It will allow determining not only the expediency of the claims but also the degree of responsibility of the vehicle loaner and the supplier company.

Legal support for car sharing companies

Customers who often use car-sharing services can contribute to unforeseen situations. It may be problems with payment for services, car breakdowns, assessment of damages from road accidents, the presence of fines or the lack of necessary equipment in case of unforeseen situations caused by the tenant, the evacuation of the vehicle. All of the above reasons may be subject to dispute between the parties.

For a company that is engaged in this type of activity, it is crucial to have such a representative who will help resolve the issues raised legally. Due to the presence of such a specialist as a lawyer for car-sharing companies, this allows the service provider to protect their interests in the courts, during the drafting of contracts and agreements, in the process of resolving situations in the pre-trial order. Also, a lawyer can help solve outstanding issues of the company that relate to legal competence.

The specialists of Law and Trust International help the owners of a car-sharing company not only solve problematic issues with clients and authorities but also represent the interests of the company, protect its honour and business reputation.



  • You have been written off extra funds in the carsharing application
  • Send a fine for a violation that you haven't committedи
  • You are fined a face denial of rights with which you disagree
  • The dispute regarding the accident


  • Using someone else's data by sharing a car
  • Damage of property (passenger compartment, car body etc.)
  • You lost the stuff and documents from the car
  • A theft of carsharing service car

Proper registration of the car rental agreement

The critical issue in the relationship between the client and the company is how to draw up a car rental agreement (car-sharing). Due to the lack of a clear legal framework on this issue, a contract is drawn up between an individual and a legal entity within the context of civil law relations.

A client who signs a short-term car rental agreement undertakes to fulfil some requirements. The main requires are:

  1. A document that identifies the person;
  2. Driving license with the experience of at least two years;
  3. Banking card for making payments.

Also, it is crucial to indicate the rental price within the established tariffs, which is a mandatory requirement in the contract between the service provider and the client. It will allow the client to know how much he is obliged to pay for the services provided, and for the company to check by fixing the cost of the service rendered. The real cost of registration of the contract is basing on the type of cars, type of insurance, and whether additional conditions are planned (the presence of passengers). In practice, all future tenants do not pay when drawing up the contract but only pay for what concerns the trip and its duration.

Law and Trust International will help you to draw up a correct and competent contract with a service provider company on the most favourable terms for the client.

Key benefits of legal services offered by Law and Trust International

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Experience and qualifications. The experience of the L&T International team is more than 15 years. It gives the opportunity for working with cases in many business areas like finance, IT, agriculture, trade and foreign economic activity. Thanks to this experience, our specialists always offer the best selection of services.
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Comprehensive approach and individual solutions. Law and Trust International always provides a vast range of services for our clients, taking into account the individual characteristics of each particular case. Due to this symbiosis, our specialists always fulfil all the wishes of clients in full and taking into account the requests and preferences of customers.
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Monitoring and innovation.Our team keeps tracking the newest and most advanced working methods, as well as the latest legislative, financial and economic information events around the world. It allows lawyers of Law and Trust International to quickly and creatively resolve virtually any issues in the field of legal consulting.
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Privacy and responsibility. The security of our customers' data and respond to them are particularly important in the work of Law and Trust International. For all the time of work, we have not had a single leak of commercial, personal or legal information. It allows us to develop, grow and achieve new opportunities.
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Reputation and result. A team of lawyers of Law and Trust International always welcomes the success of our clients. Reaching new results, we develop new skills that we successfully use in our work. Thanks to successful cases, our clients and our team, we are creating qualitatively new opportunities to achieve the desired result now.

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