Law&Trust International has considerable experience in the field of registration of companies engaged in organizing the games of chance abroad; elaborates efficient and reliable financial business structure for you; provides advisory services in the field of investment and tax planning.

Law&Trust International provides an opportunity to obtain a gambling license. We will consult you on any jurisdiction of your particular interest. In certain countries, the law does not provide for special regulation of gambling activities, special requirements for software, and there are no requirements for the location of servers in the territory of the jurisdiction in which the company is registered and the content of your website.

We recommend (but do not limit you to) the following jurisdictions for opening a gambling business:


  1. Absolutely legitimate gambling business.
  2. Exemption from payment of taxes.
  3. There is no financial reporting.
  4. Registration within the shortest possible time.
  5. Personal presence is not required.

Having registered a branch of the company in the European Union, you will bring your business to a new level of compliance with international standards. Most foreign companies and banks that carry out various forms of payment through the Internet require registration of business in the territory of the European Union from companies offering providing gambling services. We, the team of the company Law&Trust International, will create the most preferable structure for you for operating gaming business. We will register a branch of the company in the EU.

Having opened a branch of the company in the European Union, you will not be required to maintain reporting and compulsory audit - we will do all the work for you!


  • tax number of the company of the European Union;
  • prestige and respectability of the company;
  • opportunity to become a partner of the banks of the European Union;
  • processing of plastic cards.

For those who wish to own considerably expensive, but recognized by all the states of the world, gambling business (with taxes and statutory capital paid to the state treasury), Law&Trust International offers the following jurisdictions:


  1. Completely legal gambling business.
  2. Not limited opportunities for cooperation with all banks of the world.
  3. Direct processing of plastic cards.
  4. Respectable image of the company.
  5. There are not limited opportunities and perspectives for the company.