The British Virgin Islands are preparing to introduce a new measure for attracting investments. According to the Premier of the Crown Dependency Andrew Fahie, the jurisdiction is preparing to launch the Invest-and-Stay program. Its essence lies in the fact that the persons who invest in the economy of the British Virgin Islands will be able to obtain a residence permit in a simplified manner.

According to the BVI Premier, the country's economy has enormous potential for development. First of all, this concerns tourism, because the British Virgin Islands are located in the attractive climatic zone. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of tourism industry has been called into question. In this regard, it was decided to implement the Invest-and-Stay program.

Currently, the conditions for participation in the program have not yet been announced. The government is developing the Invest-and-Stay guidelines. It is only known that the program will be designed for the people who will live in the BVI and work in European or American companies remotely. Thus, those who come to the BVI will not take away jobs from the local population, but they will buy or rent real estate and support the local economy.

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