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Legal services in support of real estate transactions

The real estate transactions require a special approach. Unfortunately, the fraud cases are widespread in this area, so if you are going to buy or sell the apartment, house or other real estate, it is better to use the professional services of legal expert.

A qualified real estate lawyer can provide necessary protection from perpetrators while supporting your real estate deal. The professional services of the legal expert are needed when completing any deal in real estate transactions in order to prevent fraud during the paperwork. Law & Trust offers its clients the services for conducting any real estate transactions.

Legal assistance in real estate transactions.
Legal assistance in real estate transactions.

Why do you need legal support?

Apartment transactions, legal assistance.
Apartment transactions, legal assistance.

Details of legal support

ОThe real estate transactions involve a high degree of risk. The fraud occur regularly while executing transactions. The incorrectly drawn up contract or mistake can lead to the cancellation of transaction or even to the loss of property rights by the owner without any compensation. To avoid such risks, you must refer to the qualified specialist.

The real estate lawyer will help you to avoid any problems during the paperwork. The specialist will provide all necessary services to help prevent fraud. The legal support of your contract allows you to get the following benefits:

  • Protection of the client's material status during the real estate purchase and sale transactions
  • Control over compliance with the procedure for transferring real estate to its new owner;
  • ensuring full legality of real estate transactions.

In addition, by referring to the lawyer for executing the apartment purchase and sale transaction, you can save on the real estate agency services. The real estate agent fee is much higher than the lawyer’s services. Therefore, by referring to the qualified specialist, you can not only protect yourself from possible problems during the paperwork, but also save your funds significantly.

What operations require the lawyer’s services?

When supporting transactions, the lawyer’s services may be required in a number of cases. They are especially needed in the following situations:


  • Execution of a real estate purchase and sale transaction;
  • Entering into property rights during inheritance;
  • Documentary registration of construction;
  • Real estate exchange transactions;
  • Registration of housing in rent;
  • Registration of restrictions (easement) on the land plot;
  • Preparation of documents for the use of real estate as collateral;
  • Registration of operational management rights for the project, etc.
The professional lawyer will perform all necessary operations to prevent violation of your rights.

Legal services of Law & Trust

Law & Trust offers its clients the legal assistance in executing real estate transactions. The lawyers of our company have extensive experience in conducting transactions with land plots, residential, commercial real estate, etc.

We offer our clients the following services

  • Legal advice on the execution and registration issues;
  • Assistance in preparing documents for the transaction;
  • Legal due diligence of documents, verification of contracts, preparation of opinions;
  • Support of the procedure for registering property rights to real estate;
  • Appeal against the registrar’s decisions in case of refusal.
The legal experts of our company will help you to execute real estate transactions in the primary and secondary markets. With our services, the registration of property rights will take place as quickly as possible and with a guarantee.

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