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Tax Lawyer Consultation

The individuals and legal entities regularly face all kinds of problems related to tax payment. Just one mistake can create very serious problems. The settlement of tax disputes is a complex and lengthy procedure, in which it is difficult to do without a tax lawyer. The specialist will be able to assess the prospects of your case and suggest the best ways to solve the problems that have arisen. Law & Trust offers its clients the effective solution of the problems related to taxation of individuals and legal entities. We will do our best to protect your rights.
Legal services in the field of taxes.
Legal services in the field of taxes.

When do you need a tax lawyer?

Solving tax issues by lawyers.
Solving tax issues by lawyers.


The support of professional tax lawyer is essential for your business. The companies regularly face various problems from regulatory authorities. The legal expert’s services will help resolve all issues much faster and ensure the protection of rights of the legal entity. The legal assistance is needed in the following cases:

  • In case of underpayment of taxes, incorrect crediting of the payment;
  • In case of incorrect accrual of fines and penalties;
  • In case of violation of the law during the tax audit;
  • In case of any problems with obtaining a tax deduction;
  • In case of claims for unreasonable use of optimization methods, etc.

In addition, the legal services are also needed by citizens. When executing any transactions, they are required to pay taxes and indicate the property in the tax return. If it is not done, the regulatory authorities may have claims. In addition, it is common for citizens or individual entrepreneurs to make mistakes when filling out the tax return. In such situations, it is very difficult to do without a qualified tax specialist.

Law & Trust will help you to solve tax problems

Law & Trust offers its clients the legal assistance in tax matters. The lawyers of our company will take all necessary measures to resolve your issues. If you need a lawyer specializing in tax of individuals and legal entities, our specialists will provide high quality services.

Law & Trust offers its clients the following services

  • Legal advice on taxes;
  • Due diligence of documents, verification of tax payments, analysis of business prospects;
  • Preparation and submission of corrected tax returns;
  • Representation of interests during the tax audit;
  • Appeal against the audit results in higher authorities or in court.
In addition, the specialists of Law & Trust offer other services in the field of taxation. In particular, we will help you to choose the optimal system, carry out tax optimization, register as a VAT payer, etc. Law & Trust will provide maximum protection and support to its clients in the matters of tax law and tax disputes.

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