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Legal services by inheritance

The inheritance of property is one of the most problematic areas. The disputes regularly arise in this area and such problems often have to be resolved in courts. The division of property between heirs, entry into to inheritance without a will, incorrectly drawn up documents are among the problems, which can lead to serious delays in legalization of your inheritance. Therefore, if you are going to legalize the inheritance, the lawyer’s services can solve all the difficulties that have arisen. Law & Trust will take all necessary measures to resolve all issues associated with the inheritance as quickly as possible.

Legal services by inheritance.
Legal services by inheritance.

How can the inheritance lawyer help?

Оформление наследства услуги юриста.
Оформление наследства услуги юриста.


The assistance of inheritance lawyer may be needed at any time. The professional lawyer’s services provide the opportunity to resolve all arisen disputes as quickly as possible. A qualified legal expert knows about all the legal intricacies and can help resolve all issues between the parties to the conflict in a simple and effective way.

The assistance of inheritance lawyer is especially important in the following cases:

  • If there are several heirs;
  • If there is no will from the testator;
  • If the property, which is transferred by inheritance, is seized;
  • If the property is pledged;
  • If the application is made after the expiry date for submission of documents, etc.

In addition, it is important to know that the inheritance can be different. This is not only real estate, but also the movable property, cash, securities and shares in companies, the right of claim under contracts, intellectual property, etc. Each case has its own specifics of inheritance, so in many cases it is impossible to do without the assistance of inheritance lawyer.

Legal services of Law & Trust

Law & Trust offers its clients the services on legalizing inheritance. The legal experts of our company are ready to help even in the most difficult cases. The huge experience and comprehensive knowledge of legislation allow us to solve even the most difficult problems. We offer our clients all the necessary services for the legalization of inheritance, including:


  • Legal advice on inheritance issues;
  • Legal analysis of the will, initiation of inheritance cases;
  • Mediation in the conflict, pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • Going to court, preparation of necessary procedural documents, representation of client's interests;
  • Notary services, registration of property rights to inheritance.
Law & Trust offers its services on a turn-key basis. We will do our best to solve the problems as soon as possible.

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