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Legal support of securities transactions

In the modern world, the companies quite widely use the stocks and bonds as the method for attracting capital. However, it is not so easy to issue them. The supervisory authorities impose serious requirements on the issuers, and in case of non-compliance, they may decline to register securities, in which case it will not be possible to place them on the stock exchanges and financial markets.

In addition, the individuals and legal entities can acquire a stake in the company in the form of shares, but there are also many pitfalls here. In order for the purchase, sale or issue procedure to go smoothly, it is recommended that you refer to the securities lawyer. Law & Trust offers full support for these procedures.

Legal support of securities transactions.
Legal support of securities transactions.

Which problems may occur with securities?

Providing full legal support for operations with securities.
Providing full legal support for operations with securities.


The procedures for purchasing, selling, issuing securities are strictly regulated by the laws of our country. However, the companies often commit violations, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The securities legal expert will help you to quickly solve any problems arisen, for example:

  • Passing of dividends in favor of individual or legal entity;
  • Exclusion of the shareholder from the board of founders without his knowledge;
  • Violation of the procedure for transferring shares, bonds, bills;
  • Incorrectly conducted procedure for issuing securities;
  • Recovery of lost securities.

The legal support for the issue of securities or the procedure for purchase, sale, gratuitous transfer of rights, recovery, etc. will help to solve these problems. A qualified lawyer will help to prevent a problem or find the fastest and most effective solution. Referring to the legal expert for professional services, you can save time, money and nerves.

Legal services of Law & Trust

Law & Trust offers its clients the full support in any securities transactions. The specialists of our company have extensive experience in such matters. We follow all changes in legislation and are ready to help you in any situation.

The list of legal services of Law & Trust includes

  • Legal advice for the client;
  • Legal due diligence of all necessary documents;
  • Legal analysis of contracts;
  • Audit of joint stock companies if you are planning to purchase securities;
  • Appeal to the competent authorities for the recovery of shares, bonds, bills;
  • Protection of the client's interests in court in case of violation by the issuer of its obligations.
Law & Trust provides full support to the client on a turn-key basis. The issue or conclusion of securities transactions accompanied by our specialists is a guarantee that your legal rights will be respected. Law & Trust will take all necessary measures to ensure full protection of the client in case of any problems related to the securities.

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