Registration of a company in Ajman Media City

Company Law&Trust International offers services – registration of a company in Ajman Media City on a turnkey basis. Our services include full legal support for the company registration procedure, obtaining a legal address, interaction with state authorities of the Ajman Media City, as well as advice to clients in the framework of the registration procedure.

Ajman Media City is the last free zone in the Ajman emirate and the United Arab Emirates. It is also the first free zone in Ajman devoted to the media industry. Its official language is Arabic. Legal system is mixed (based on the British legislation, as well as civil law system influenced by Islamic, French, Roman and Egyptian laws).

Benefits of opening a company in Ajman Media City

  • high level of economic security and rating of banks;   
  • possibility of remote opening of a company (the only visit is necessary for one day to sign forms with banks, in such case bankers themselves come to the hotel or other agreed place);
  • minimum authorized capital, closed register and absence of definition of the ultimate beneficial owner;
  • same jurisdiction of the company and bank account;
  • absence of most taxes and compact procedure for obtaining licenses;

Organizational requirements

  1. Number of directors - at least one. Only individuals may be directors. No requirements for the residence.
  2. Number of founders – for Free Zone Establishment (FZE) at least one, for the Free Zone Company (FZC) a least two. No requirements for the residence.
  3. Minimum authorized capital of the establishing company - no requirements.
  4. Information on the beneficial owner is not subject to listing on the register.  
  5. Company secretary - no requirements regarding presence.
  6. Availability of the legal address in the free economic zone Ajman - compulsory.  
  7. Name of the company must include compulsory indication of the Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or Free Zone Company (FZC).

Necessary documents for registration of a company in   Ajman Media City

  1. Identification details of all shareholders of a company.  
  2. For individuals: scanned copy of the international passport, conformation of the residence place, stamp on arriving to the UAE (for the last 2-3 years), scanned copy of the passport approved photograph.  
  3. For legal entities as shareholders: certificate of registration, foundation agreement, articles of association, charter, register of the company managers, shareholders - legalized in the UAE embassy.  
  4. Description of the planned activities of a company.


  1. Income tax for legal entities - absent.
  2. Value-added tax - 5%.
  3. Control of a currency - absent.


Reports are subject to be submitted online quarterly.

Term of preparation, transfer and submission of an application depend on the size of the corporation of an applicant and other criteria. Lawyers of the company Law&Trust International will provide you with more detailed information over the office telephone.