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Online projects (bets, lotteries, slot machines) are gaining popularity today, many organizers are trying to switch to the digital environment, and the organizers of the casinos are no exception. The Internet provides a unique opportunity not only to boost your business but also to implement new projects that are not feasible offline. That is why the issue of legal regulation of online gambling is relevant today more than ever.

Of course, owners of land-based casinos have an advantage - a license (which must be checked for compliance with the requirements established for conducting online business). However, there are many other aspects that the organizers should pay attention to: for example, software development for a high-quality website, search for partners, licensing dealers, preparing all necessary documents.

When owning an already functioning legal casino, it will be easier to go online than if you are a new organizer. On the one hand, the regulatory bodies of many countries where gambling is legalized will be on the side of trusted owners, creating favorable conditions and benefits for them because it’s much safer and more profitable for the state to allow trusted organizers to operate in a dynamically developing digital environment than to let unknown suppliers without licenses and warranties work on the market. On the other hand, new projects carry new risks, in order to avoid them, it is worth consulting with experts in this field.

In Switzerland, there are already land-based casinos that have managed to become online operators. It is worth noting that there is also a negative experience. In the USA, for example, the closure of land-based casinos due to quarantine and the reduction of offers from legal bookmakers led to a sharp increase in illegal services that cannot guarantee the fulfillment of obligations.

Currently, for casino organizers wishing to switch to the online environment, it is important to monitor current legislation more than ever, observe the principle of fair play and counteract fraud, and money laundering. All this will not only save the license and conduct a legitimate business, but also improve the image of the casino, which will lead to new customers and income.

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