The Swedish Online Gambling Association (BOS), founded by leading gaming industry operators, is raising flags due to the changes that the regulator is preparing. In particular, it is about micro-management in the industry. BOS warns that subsequent changes to the rules in the direction of complication may lead the gambling operators to go into the shadows.

Sweden is already facing a difficult situation. According to the reports of the gambling regulator, only 85% of the market is controlled by legal operators. Another 15% is the shadow segment, and this can be a serious problem. The Swedish regulator requires a minimum level of market control by licensed operators at 90%, however, according to BOS, this will be extremely difficult to achieve given the next tightening.

The regulator says that the rules for doing business in this area will be tightened further. In particular, the regulator plans to completely ban the advertising of online casinos, as well as bets in which the outcome of the event depends on one person. The best example of such a bet is betting on goals, yellow or red cards in football. These prohibitions can also lead to the voluntary refusal of users to play games with licensed operators and will opt for unlicensed ones.

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