Leading professionals of the company "Law&Trust" will provide audit and accounting services for legal entities registered abroad.

Obligatory condition for doing business in accordance with the legislation is the submission of financial reports and registers that pass through the Register of Companies, as well as the Tax Service.

In order to provide services of preparing reports to foreign companies, Law&Trust engages the best international experts in the field of accounting and auditing, whose effectiveness and quality of work are proved by the experience of the past years.

It should be noted that, following the rules specified in regulatory acts, this type of activity can only be carried out by licensed specialists.

Submission of "dormant" and "zero" reports is a necessary reporting procedure, which the companies that did not conduct business activities undertake to comply with.

"Law&Trust" provides such services for preparation of reporting and auditing:

  • Analysis of submitted data and identification of defects or mistakes.
  • Tax planning.
  • Calculation of preliminary data and coordination with the client.
  • Compilation and preparation of quarterly and annual financial reports or statements, primary documentation.
  • Organization and control of the procedure for conducting audits.
  • Receipt of checks, declarations, as well as other documents certified by the tax office for the client.
  • Payment of penalties/fines/fees.

Among the consulting services provided by Law&Trust there are the following:

- Consultation on the passage of audits, as well as legal examination of documentation.

- Analysis and development of financial schemes.

- Consulting on the issues of taxation of organizations, as well as accounting of companies registered abroad.

- Preparation and formation of tax, audit, legal opinions on the issues related to economic activities. Providing official and unofficial documents on behalf of Law&Trust that are signed by licensed auditors who conduct their activities in the field of foreign jurisdictions.

Provision of reporting and auditing services for foreign companies registered in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, as well as in Cyprus, is an obligatory instrument for the work of the company Law&Trust, which has all the necessary resources to do the foregoing.

It should also be noted that Panama, the Seychelles, the Dominican Republic, Nevis, the British Virgin Islands, and other offshore jurisdictions are also included as part of our interests. After all, submission of reporting in these countries is carried out on voluntary basis, not mandatory one.

For more detailed information on services related to submission of reporting for foreign companies, please go to sections devoted to prevalent jurisdictions:

- Organization of audits and filing of reporting in Austria

- Auditing and preparation of reports in Switzerland

- Preparation of financial reports and auditing in the Netherlands.

You can also familiarize yourself with answers to frequently asked questions about compilation of reporting and conducting audit of foreign organizations on our website.