The OECD opened access to an interactive map of international tax cooperation

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has guided the regulation issues of the market economy of developed countries and the transparency of tax legislationfor the past 50 years.

Due to the assistance of the participating countries, it was possible to review and assess the degree of implementation of the OECD-agreed standards. Based on the information received, an interactive map was developed that shows the results of international tax cooperation.

Today, the map reflects the results of the relationships of more than 150 countries and jurisdictions.

Norms of international tax law are reflected mainly in specific legislative acts of states. Thanks to the interactive map, access to the main tax regulations of each country is simplified as much as possible.

According to the OECD conventions, the principles of taxation operate at the place of residence of the recipients of income.

Such developments allow assessing the openness of countries in their tax policy and their readiness for international development.


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