Information about conducting ICO in Georgia

Information about conducting ICO in Georgia

Carrying out ICO in Georgia can bring huge benefits to both organizers and investors.

Year by year, Georgia is increasingly showing a progressive attitude to the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to the absence of any strict state regulation in the sphere of ICO, the Georgian state bodies themselves begin to benefit from the advantages of blockade technologies.

The National Public Registry Agency of Georgia entered into a partnership agreement with the blockchain company Bitfury to transfer the agency's activities to their technology.

Given cheap costs for electricity, Georgia can also be considered as extremely favorable for mining.

In Georgia, there is a special tax regime that proposes to establish an international financial company without the need to obtain a license for financial activities of the National Bank of Georgia.

Such a company is exempt from payment of:

  • Tax on Income received from financial services offered to an international financial company.
  • It is extremely important that the securities issued by the International Financial Company are exempt from taxes.
  • Dividends paid by the International Financial Company are also exempt from taxes.

Moreover, one of the banks of Georgia - Liberty Bank - offers its clients a legal scheme for the acquisition and sale of Litecoins, Bitcoins and Ripple-Tokens. In addition, at the moment, you can invest in ICO conducted in Georgia directly in the national currency if you have an account with a Georgian bank.

In view of the above, Georgia, as a possible jurisdiction for conducting ICO, has undoubtful advantages that facilitate the implementation of ICO in the format of start-ups in the territory of this jurisdiction.

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