Italy is a very specific country, which is very reluctant to host foreigners. Therefore, it is rather difficult to open an account for non-residents here. However, if you come to this country, it is impossible to do without the services of a financial organization. The local legislation strictly regulates the flow of money throughout the territory of the state. Almost all operations, from paying utility bills to buying goods in a store, are carried out using a card. Is it possible to open an account with a bank in Italy and how to do it?

What is necessary to open an account and receive a card?

Bank accounts for non-residents in the country are extremely reluctant to open, as banks are aimed at working with residents. However, if the procedure is carried out together with a citizen of the country or a person holding a residence permit, the probability of refusal is minimal. In order to open an account or make a deposit with a bank in Italy, you will need the following documents:

  • identity card - a valid passport of a citizen;
  • taxpayer identification code.

Some banks require notarized translations of documents into Italian. However, obtaining codice fiscale - the identification code of Italy for non-residents - is also fraught with certain difficulties, so it is better to seek help from specialists.

Account maintenance cost

So, we figured out whether it is possible to open an account with a bank of Italy for a non-resident. Now we find out how much the service will cost. In this case, the conditions for residents and non-residents do not differ. On average, you have to pay 5-6 euros per month, depending on the company. Organizations also charge for:

  • Bank operations;
  • Card service;
  • Check books.

Some companies immediately agree with the client a fixed cost of service, taking into account the full package of services.

A personal visit is required to open an account. Law company Law & Trust offers clients support and assistance in opening an account. Our experts will tell you what you need to open a bank account, help you prepare and file the necessary documents. We fully accompany the procedure, and in case of failure, appeal the decision of the financial company.