Webinar by leading specialist of the company Law&Trust International in the area of personal data protection will enable your company to develop and realize the mechanism of fulfilling the new requirements on processing the personal data of the EU residents.

Would you like to know how does the the GDPR regulation affect you? Are you at risk? How to avoid imposing fines up to EUR 20 million?

Get all necessary knowledge from our specialist. Participation in this webinar will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the topic of compliance with the GDPR, take the necessary innovations and ensure the safety of your company.

About GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on May 25, 2018. GDPR implemented new principles and requirements to protection and handling of the personal data. It extends the influence to all companies disregarding their location. At the present moment, most companies still do not comply with requirements of the GDPR, and therefore, are at risk. There are such sanctions for non-compliance with the GDRP requirements as prohibition to perform the activity and/or imposing fine in the amount up to EUR 20 million or 4% from revenue of the company.

Correct fulfilling the requirements of the GDPR will allow your company to take a fresh look at personal data, IT and related processes, timely respond to increasing cyber risks, as well as to protect the company from probable claims and sanctions.

About the company Law&Trust International: the company has long-term experience in the area of international law, including one in the area of personal data protection. The recommendations and solutions that you receive at the webinar are based on the practical experience of international experts.

Who will benefit: requirements of the GDPR are extended absolutely to everyone. However, this course is at first focused on IT specialists, company managers that have a web-site, which offers the services and carry out activities in the EU territory, or monitors personal data of the EU residents.


Webinar will be held by: Bogatova Ekaterina, GDPR expert of the Law&Trust International.


Language of the event: Russian.


Date of performance: August 6, 2018.


Time: 11:30, Moscow time.


Location: you may visit the webinar at the official Youtube channel of the  Law&Trust International -