The possibility of "golden passports" for investors  is on the agenda in Croatia

The Government of the Republic of Croatia is preparing for the Sabor (the country's parliament) some legislative amendments on the status of citizens and citizenship. According to officials, granting citizenship by issuing so-called "gold passports" (passports for investors) will help the country receive up to 300 million euros per year.

According to Croatian media reports, officials have already adopted several amendments to immigration legislation, which imply a liberalization of the requirements for Croatian citizenship on the question of confirming proficiency in the official language and the examination on Croatian culture and legal system.

Now investors who make more than 300 thousand euros of irrevocable donations or spend investment in any commercial or state project in the amount of not less than 350 thousand euros, are entitled to implement a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship. Also allowed is the option of buying property in Croatia for business, which shortens the period of naturalization.

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