Dear Clients,

taking into consideration the amendments to current legislation of Latvia, the Ministry of Finance of Latvia is obliged to stop working with non-resident shell companies, since they fall into the category of "high risk".

Clients can retain management of a bank account if they fulfill all the requirements of Latvian banks with regard to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy. The specialists of Law&Trust International developed solutions for clients of Latvian banks in accordance with the requirements of Latvian legislation.

Law&Trust International offers the following comprehensive services for Latvian banks' clients:

  • provision of legal support (development of a reasoned opinion on the requested information and a list of documents);
  • preparation of financial statements (confirmation of a company's activities);
  • provision of a virtual office in the country of registration (confirmation of availability of actual address for doing business).

For detailed information on the integrated solution for shell companies, please contact Law&Trust International.

Law&Trust International recommends the owners of corporate accounts in Latvian banks to register companies in jurisdictions with preferential taxation. Company in such jurisdiction is assigned with a tax number that identifies it as a taxpayer and a tax resident of the country of incorporation of a company. It is possible to submit tax reporting at any time upon the request of a bank.

Lawyers of Law&Trust International will assist you in choosing the most optimal and efficient option for opening a bank account in any jurisdiction, guaranteeing an individual approach to each client.

Best regards,

Law&Trust International