Countries continue to join the Madrid Protocol, which will officially enter into force on December 29, 2019. Malaysia has become the next state that ratified this document on its territory. This country has acceded to another 105 states that have enacted relevant laws and approved the Protocol.

The essence of the Madrid Protocol is the adoption of a new, international standard for the protection of trademarks from plagiarism. In addition, this document also approves a single standard for filing an application for registration of a trademark. Thus, companies operating in the countries of the Madrid Protocol can apply to the state authorities of Malaysia and receive a trademark of international design.

It is also worth noting that Malaysia has become the penultimate ASEAN country that has joined the Madrid Protocol. The only member state of the economic bloc that has not ratified the document is Myanmar. However, there is still time before the document entries into force, and it is quite possible that Myanmar will have time to prepare and ratify the Madrid Protocol on its territory.

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