The UK Financial Regulator (FCA) has completed the development of a digital asset management guide. This was discussed in January, but in the end, the document was completed in early September 2019. If you plan to open a mining, trading company or other crypto organization in the UK, you should familiarize yourself with the provisions of the guide.

The document stipulates the rules for regulating various tokens. For example, security tokens impose on the investor the same rights and obligations as investments related to the category of specifically agreed (RAO). The concept of electronic money is also registered, as well as e-money tokens.

Exchange tokens are also allowed for circulation in the UK but remain out of regulation. This decision was perceived ambiguously in the crypto community, since crypto assets of this type are considered doubtful, and some investors believe that they can harm. A similar norm is indicated for the so-called product tokens.

If you plan to open a crypto company in Europe, the UK will be one of the best options. Law&Trust will help you register and get started. Our professionals will also explain all the provisions of the guide and the rules of cryptocurrency activities in the UK.