companies to have the same level of dividends The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation insists on single level dividends for state companies 

Aleksey Moiseyev, deputy head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation stated that the government department insists on payments of dividends by state companies to be uniform for all.

Financial department has already introduced draft regulation for consideration of the government a little earlier, and the draft fixed payment of dividends for state companies in the amount of 50%.

Starting from 2016 for one year the government has raised the bar concerning dividends for the largest companies from 25% up to 50% of the income at once.  RAS or IFRS and the Ministry of Finance recommends this rule to be extended.

Formation of the budget is directly related to the position of the Ministry.

According to Anton Siluanov, the head of the Ministry of Finance, this standard needs to be done standing. At the same time the opportunity to maintain the norm on the payment of dividends at the rate of 25% for individual companies is allowed.